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Forecasts, Facts and News for Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba

A Few Details...

METARs use aerodrome identifiers. These are 4-letter ICAO codes that are unique to each site. Some common ones relevant to Southern Manitoba are:

  • CYWG - Winnipeg Int'l Airport
  • CXWN - Winnipeg @ The Forks
  • CYPG - Portage La Prairie
  • CYBR - Brandon
  • CXGN - Gretna
  • CXGH - Gimli
  • CWPO - Pilot Mound
  • KGFK - Grand Forks, ND
  • KFAR - Fargo, ND
  • KBIS - Bismark, ND

A full list of the available stations is available here. Please note: this viewer is optimized only for observations from Canada and the United States.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes precipitation charts don't plot quite right.
  • Graphing problems with some U.S. stations that don't have a consistent time for their hourly reports, such as Hallock, ND (KHCO). Working on fixing it.

Unknown Issues

Please let me know! If you run into unexpected behavior, please send an e-mail to aweathermoment at shaw dot ca with a report of the problem.

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