Warmth Rebounds Into Southern Manitoba

While the past few days have been pleasant with above-normal temperatures, more significant warmth will be moving back into Southern Manitoba over the coming days as an upper-level ridge builds into the region.

Today will echo yesterday weather-wise, with high temperatures near 8°C and partly cloudy skies. A ridge of high pressure centred over southern Manitoba will ensure that winds remain light, making for a fairly nice day overall. Skies will be mainly clear tonight as temperatures dip to a low near -4°C.

Thursday will be bring the push towards warmer temperatures as the upper-level ridge starts building into the province and a light southerly flow develops. Daytime highs will reach around 11°C with continuing sunny skies. With mainly clear skies, temperatures will dip down to about +2°C on Thursday night.

Temperatures will climb well above normal across much of the eastern Prairies on Friday.
Temperatures will climb well above normal across much of the eastern Prairies on Friday.

Southerly winds will ramp up on Friday to 30-40 km/h, ushering in a much warmer air mass that is being pulled northeastwards by a develop low pressure system moving across Saskatchewan. Skies will remain mainly sunny for much of the day as temperatures climb to a high near 16 or 17°C. Late in the day, cloud cover will begin working into the region from the west as a warm front moves eastwards across the province. With even warmer air on the way into the region, temperatures will remain quite mild on Friday night with lows dropping to only about 7°C.

Long Range

The weekend is looking quite nice with temperatures soaring into the upper teens on Saturday with lighter winds than Friday shifting from southerly to westerly through the day. Some weather models give a chance for some showers on Saturday, but the general consensus [at the moment] is that we’ll see mixed to cloudy skies, but remain dry. The warm weather continues on Sunday, but not quite to the same extent.

The GFS is forecasting that a complex low pressure system will begin impacting Manitoba on Sunday night.
The GFS is forecasting that a complex low pressure system will begin impacting Manitoba on Sunday night.

Heading into Sunday night, a couplet of low pressure systems, will move into the region, spreading precipitation northwards into southern Manitoba through the night. As it stands currently, it appears Winnipeg will only see a few mm of rain before things switch over to snow. It’s still very early for details, however. In general, it seems likely that many places in the Red River Valley could see up to 5 mm and then anywhere from 5 to 15 cm of snow. This system will likely also carry with it a brisk northeasterly wind, which will produce [potentially significantly] higher amounts near the western escarpment of the Red River Valley.

That said, there is some uncertainty as to whether or not this will actually materialize. We’ll be keeping a close eye on things as they develop and have more details heading into the weekend. Until then, enjoy the warmth!

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 7°C while the seasonal overnight low is -4°C.

Sunshine Returns to Winnipeg

Above-normal temperatures will continue throughout Winnipeg & the Red River Valley, but with a difference: sunshine.

A nice change in the forecast today: it’s fairly simple! The coming few days will continue to bring above-normal temperatures across southern Manitoba, with daytime highs near 12°C today sliding towards highs of 6 or 7°C for Tuesday & Wednesday. There will be plenty of sunshine today with skies then giving way to more mixed conditions for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Above-normal temperatures continue across southern Manitoba today.

The weather also looks fairly dry over the next few days. There will be a slight chance of an isolated light rain shower or two on Tuesday afternoon as a weak disturbance moves through the southwestern portion of the province.

Long Range

The remainder of the week looks beautiful with an upper-level ridge building into the region, bringing another surge of well above-normal temperature to the region. It appears that daytime highs will climb back into the low teens with sunny to mixed skies and no rain expected.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 6°C while the seasonal overnight low is -5°C.

Mild Weather Continues, But Sunshine Will Be Scarce

More mild weather lies ahead for Winnipeg, but unfortunately the sun will be in short supply as plenty of cloud stick around for the next few days.

Today will bring plenty of cloud cover to Winnipeg as a disturbance in the Northern Plains spreads cloud cover eastwards across Southern Manitoba. Temperatures will climb to a high near 8°C with winds picking up out of the north to around 20 km/h. A chance for light rain will develop for the afternoon and evening as the disturbance slowly moves by. Temperatures will dip to a low near 0°C tonight. Winds will remain out of the north with cloudy skies.

Models depict a small area of rain spreading across southern Manitoba on Friday ngiht.

Saturday will be a bit more pleasant with a high once again near 8°C, but the cloud cover will break up and give Winnipeg more of a mix of sun and cloud. Winds will remain light. On Saturday night the skies will cloud back up as the temperature drops to a low near 5°C.

Sunday will bring cloudy skies back to Winnipeg as a low pressure system tracks across Central Manitoba. Winds will strengthen out of the south to 30-40 km/h ahead of the low with temperatures climbing to a high near 11°C.

GDPS 12hr. QPF valid 00Z Monday April 3, 2017
There looks to be a fairly good chance for showers midday and into the afternoon as a weak cold front pushes through the region. Expect temperatures to drop to a low near +2°C on Sunday night under clearing skies. Winds will diminish and back to westerly.

Long Range

The long-range forecast looks great with nothing but above-normal temperatures and mainly dry conditions for next week.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 5°C while the seasonal overnight low is -6°C.

Mild & Unsettled Weather Ahead

As advertised earlier in the week, milder weather arrives to the Red River Valley today, however unlike earlier in the week, conditions have trended towards being more unsettled with several chances for rain.

Today will be mild with temperatures climbing to a high near 11°C, but that warmth comes ahead of a disturbance that will bring a chance of showers to the the Red River Valley later today. Winds will be out of the southeast at around 30 km/h, and both the chance of showers and the wind will persist into the evening. Expect a low near 3°C tonight.

The chance for showers will come in two batches, the first very early this morning as overnight development slides through, and the second builds over southwest Manitoba this afternoon and then slides eastwards into the Red River Valley late in the afternoon and into the evening. This second band may persist for a while and feature some moderate rainfall rates, although widespread accumulations will likely remain under the 5-10 mm range.

Much of Manitoba will see showers or light rain from the system moving through.

Thursday will see a similar high to today, but a bit of sunshine should help it feel a bit nicer. Temperatures will reach a high near 11°C as winds taper off in the afternoon. Thursday night will bring increasing cloud as temperatures dip to a low near 4°C.

Friday will be a bit cooler with a high near 8°C under mainly cloudy skies. Winds will gradually increase out of the north to around 20 km/h as a weak ridge of high pressure approaches from the northern Prairies. There looks to be a fairly good chance of some light rain on Friday night as temperatures drop to a low near 2°C.

Long Range

The weekend looks to be a bit of a mixed bag; temperatures will continue mild with highs near the 10°C mark, but skies will bring variable cloudiness and some of Friday night’s light rain may stick around for portions of Saturday morning.

CPC 6-10 Day Temperature Anomaly Outlook valid April 3-7, 2017

Looking further ahead into next week, there’s a very high chance that we’ll continue to see above-normal temperatures in southern Manitoba. No significant precipitation is expected next week either, so we should see a continued, gradual melt across the region.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 4°C while the seasonal overnight low is -7°C.